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About Us
We offer high-end market analysis tools and security services to provide Rocket League players with a successful and safe trading experience.
Our price guides for PC, PSN, Xbox and Switch ingame trades are widely automated, and supervised around the clock by our professional staff and developers. We constantly optimize and improve our systems to perfectly reflect market reality and ensure highest quality in our services.
Proud Partners of the largest trading communities on PC, PSN, Xbox and Switch.
We are officially powering the pricing for, the RL Trading Post app, and many more in real-time.
Trusted and featured by content creators, traders and middlemen across the online gaming community.
Used by millions of traders every month.
Discord Partner
Our Community
We are official Discord Partners.
Join our Discord Community with over 250,000 members to trade, discuss the market, or just have a good time. We feature trusted Middleman services, real-time pricechecks including trends, and more.
If you have any questions about the market or trading security, our community staff is 24/7 available to assist you.
Server owners can add our bot to their server from the link below.
All our pricing and user verification functions are fully public.
Our Discord RL Insider BOT
Our Pricing Policy
Our pricing happens widely automated, with close daily manual supervision by our staff and traders from PC, PSN, Xbox and Switch communities.
Our algorithms work in real-time, based on trade post data from all major Rocket League trading communities. That includes our Partners at Rocket League Garage and Rocket League Trading Post, as well as all major trading Discords and Xbox LFG.
To ensure the integrity of our trades data, we apply a number of mechanisms to detect and exclude manipulative and fraudulent offers from the calculation (eg bait offers for phishing scams), in a coordinated effort with our partnered trading platforms.
Based on the valid offers, our algorithms are aimed to calculate a realistic price range for both buyers and sellers, within which 80-90% of trades for an item typically happen. In that sense, our prices should be understood as a guideline, a tool to support traders.
Prices get automatically updated once per hour by this system.
You can also see the recent market offers used in the calculation for each item on its Details page, updated hourly along the price calculation.
See a price that you believe is off, or any further questions or input about our pricing algorithms? Let us know in our Discord or at [email protected], we follow up on all pricing input to ensure quality and continously improve our algorithms.
About Item origins
For items that come tradeable both from Series and as free drops, we list prices for both versions. An item's Non-Series price is depending both on generic Non-Series items (NCVR, NCE, etc.) that get calculated by a similar algorithm as the normal item prices, as well as the specific market situation for that item.
The according generic Non-Series Items are also listed and updated hourly on the price page.
About Blueprints
Blueprint values are calculated based on Series Item prices and crafting cost. For Blueprints that are mathematically worthless (crafting cost higher than item market value), we display greyed-out symbolic values that buyers are willing to pay in rare cases. We will keep monitoring the blueprint market closely and adjust this system if market behavior changes in the future for any reason.
Zero Tolerance Policy towards Market Manipulation
We enforce a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding all sort of market manipulation.
All staff are prohibited from attempting or instigating any and all forms of price manipulation including but not limited to price fixing, monopolizing, fake offers, and false valuation. We encourage our community members to bring up any reasonable concerns about market manipulation to any owner directly, through our Discord Community or at [email protected].
Our Team
Our Team
@  blinkmoth  
Partner, Founder Project Lead
@  ownedbyagirl84  
Partner Pricing Supervision Community Management The good heart of RLI
@  Yggdrasil128  
Partner Head Developer Backend, bot, and more
@  SajuukX  #8152
Partner, Founder